Welcome to EuroITV 2009

EuroITV2009 is a forum for professionals not only from Europe, but from all over the world who are interested in, work with and do research on all aspects of interactive television. The conference was held in the lively university town of Leuven, Belgium on 3, 4 and 5 June 2009.

EuroITV2010 will take place in Tampere, Finland.

The conference programme consisted of three keynote speakers, five tutorials, four workshops as well as a number of full and short paper presentations, demos, posters and an art exhibition. For more details, have a look at the online conference programme, or read the papers presented at the conference in the main and adjunct proceedings.

Keynote speakers



Conference theme

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The theme of the 7th European Interactive TV Conference is 'Networked Television'. Interactive television is becoming one piece in a bigger puzzle of different interconnected devices. This not only has technical implications, but also impacts users and television viewers.

Viewers use their cell phones to send text messages to broadcasters, they use their PC to download movies that can then be watched on the big television screen, social networks are including TV content and iTV is including social network features, secondary screens can be used to control the content on television, etc. Instead of an age of device convergence, we see that in practice we’re heading towards device divergence.

We want to look at how we should shift our focus from looking at iTV as a system that functions on itself, to iTV as part of a bigger set of networked devices and explore how this impacts users as well as technologies.

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