Demos, posters & Arts

The following demos, posters and arts exhibitions were accepted for the conference. They will be featured in a dedicated session on Friday 5 June from 10:15-11:30. See the conference programme of Friday 5 June for more details.


Featured on Friday 5 June from 10:15-11:30 in the Raadzaal

Discot: A Platform to Approach Information Society to Everyman Users. Alex Ugarte, Julián Flórez , Igor G. Olaizola, David Oyarzun (VICOMTech)

Automatic Program Extraction From TV Streams. Gaël Manson, Xavier Naturel, Sid-Ahmed Berrani (Orange Labs – France Telecom)

Fernweh - Prototype of an IPTV-Community for Travel and Language. Bjoern Muenchau (meta.morph GbR), Robert Strzebkowski (Beuth Hochschule für Technik), Jonas Neumann (meta.morph GbR)

MyMedia: Dynamic Personalization of Multimedia. Alexander Voß (Microsoft EU Innovation Center), Chris Newell (BBC Research & Development), Paul Marrow (BT Innovate)

iFanzy: A ubiquitous approach towards a personalized EPG. Pieter Bellekens (Eindhoven University of Technology), Geert Van Kerckhove, Annelies Kaptein (Stoneroos Digital Television)

DynamicTV: a new Inter-tainment paradigm for television. Rossana Simeoni, Marina Geymonat, Roberto Antonini (Telecom Italia Lab), Roberto Montanari (University of Modena-Reggio Emilia), Monica Perrero (University of Torino)


Featured on Friday 5 June from 10:15-11:30 in the hall of the lecture rooms

Human-Computer Interaction

Vanesa Lobato, Gloria López and Victor M. Peláez. MHP Interactive Applications: Combining Visual and Speech User Interaction Modes

Marianna Obrist, Judith Igelsböck, Florian Förster, Manfred Tscheligi, Petra Sturm and Jochen Kranzer. Augmented TV: Experiencing Augmented Virtual TV in a Game-based PC Environment

Yoshia Saito and Yuko Murayama. An Empirical Study of Audience-Driven Interactive Live Television on the Internet

Giorgio Rascioni, Susanna Spinsante and Ennio Gambi. Non Conditional Smart Card Technology to Deliver Personalized iTV Services

Media, Social and Economic Studies

Miguel Pinto. The embedded systems Swiss knife

Virpi Oksman, Antti Tammela and Tiina Mäkelä. “TV is just one of the screens at home.” Consumers and changing TV watching

Robert Strzebkowski, Jonas Neumann and Björn Münchau. New potentials for informal learning with ‘mashuped Television’ – reinventing of Hypermedia?

Jong-Sir Oh. Future Scenario for 2012 Digital Switchover in S. Korea

Systems and Enabling Technologies

Lyndon Nixon and Lora Aroyo. NoTube – making TV a medium for personalized interaction

Fabio Santos da Silva, Luiz Gustavo Pacola Alves and Graça Bressan. PersonalTVware: A Proposal of Architecture to Support the Context-aware Personalized Recommendation of TV Programs

Michael Nitsche, Matthew Drake, Sergio Goldenberg, Gagan Malik, Janet Murray and Shashank Raval. Next Generation Play: Design and Implementation of a crossmedia TV game project

Shinjee Pyo, Eunhui Kim and Munchurl Kim. Automatic Recommendation of (IP)TV Program Schedules using Sequential Pattern Mining

João da Silva. Identity Management as an enabling service for IPTV

Cyril Concolato. Generation, Streaming and Presentation of Electronic Program Guide

Luca Console, Rossana Simeoni, Federica Cena, Pierluigi Grillo, Jovanka Adzic and Monica Perrero. Supporting content discovery and organization in networks of contents and users

Francisco Fraile, Ismael de Fez and Juan C. Guerri. Modela-TV: Service Personalization and Business Model Management for Mobile TV

Jose Antonio Hurtado-Dueñas, Bernardo Ruiz-Villalobos, Rocio Padilla-Conejo and Jose Ramon Salinas. Optimized Framework for Interactive TV Services Broadcasting

Ahti Korhonen. From analogue to digital: television sound moving towards new media. Stationary Sound Applications and Mobile Sound Applications.

Arts exhibition

Featured on Friday 5 June from 10:15-11:30 in the Raadzaal

Sarah Atkinson. Crossed Lines.

Boris Eldagsen and Christoph Räthke. SPAM the musical.

Adnan Hadzi.

Milena Szafir. MANIFESTO21.TV.

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