The following full and short papers were accepted for presentation at the conference. Papers are listed according to the academic track for which they were submitted.

Please consult the programme of Thursday 4 June and Friday 5 June for finding out when a paper presentation is scheduled.

Human-Computer Interaction

Full papers:

Shelley Buchinger, Simone Kriglstein and Helmut Hlavacs. A Comprehensive View on User Studies: Survey and Open Issues for Mobile TV

Stephen Lynn, Dan R. Olsen and Brett G. Partridge. Time Warp Football

Marianna Obrist, Christiane Moser, Damien Alliez, Teresa Holocher and Manfred Tscheligi. Connecting TV & PC: An In-Situ Field Evaluation of an Unified Electronic Program Guide Concept

Emmanuel Tsekleves, Roger Whitham, Koko Kondo and Annette Hill. Bringing the Television Experience to other Media in the Home: An Ethnographic Study

David Wheatley and Santosh Basapur. A Comparative Evaluation of TV Videotelephony with WebCam and Face to Face Communication

Short papers:

Toon De Pessemier, Tom Deryckere, Kris Vanhecke and Luc Martens. Context aware recommendations for user-generated content on a social network site

Gijs Geleijnse, Dzmitry Aliakseyeu and Eddine Sarroukh. Comparing Text Entry Methods for Interactive Television Applications

Panagiotis Giotis and George Lekakos. Effectiveness of interactive advertising presentation models

David Wilfinger, Michael Pirker, Regina Bernhaupt and Manfred Tscheligi. Evaluating and Investigating an iTV Interaction Concept in the Field

Verena Wuerbel, Stefan M. Gruenvogel and Philipp Krebs. An Analysis of New Feedback Methods for Parallel Multi-Stream Production

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Media, Social and Economic Studies

Full papers:

Dimitri Schuurman, Tom Evens and Lieven De Marez. A living lab research approach for mobile TV

Wendy Van den Broeck and Jo Bauwens. The promises of iDTV: between push marketing and consumer needs

Nils Walravens and Caroline Pauwels. From High Hopes to High Deficit and Back: A Historic Overview of Europe’s HDTV Policy and Reflections Towards the Future of HDTV

Doug Williams, Marian Ursu, Pablo Cesar, Karl Bergstrom, Ian Kegel and Joshan Meenowa. An Emergent Role for TV In Social Communication

Short papers:

Axel Bruns. The User-Led Disruption: Self-(Re)broadcasting at and Elsewhere

Timber Haaker, Sander Smit, John Vester, Keir Shepherd, Naoko Ito, Mark Guelbahar and Josip Zoric. Business models for networked media services

Jan Hess and Volker Wulf. Explore Social Behaviour around Rich-Media: A Structured Diary Study

Liesbeth Huybrechts and Niels Hendriks. People, things, ecologies: alienation as a driver for change in media

Skylla Janssen. Interactive Television Format Development – Could Participatory Design Bridge the Gap?

Sander Limonard, Jop Esmeijer and Martijn Staal. Business Considerations in Creating a Social TV experience

Kris Naessens and An Jacobs. The Place of TV and Other Media in Common Gaming Practices: A Fluent Marriage?

Nele Simons. "Me TV": Towards changing television viewing practices?

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Systems and Enabling Technologies

Full papers:

Pieter Bellekens, Geert-Jan Houben, Lora Aroyo, Annelies Kaptein and Krijn Schaap. User Model Elicitation and Enrichment for Context-sensitive Personalization in a Multiplatform TV Environment

Danny De Vleeschauwer, Zlatka Avramova, Sabine Wittevrongel and Herwig Bruneel. Transport Capacity for a Catch-up Television Service

Claus Knudsen and Roel Puijk. Television and Presence: Experiments in interaction and mediation in a digital environment

Marcelo Manzato, Danilo Coimbra and Rudinei Goularte. Multimedia content personalization based on peer-level annotation

Vivian Motti, Roberto Fagá, Renan Cattelan, Maria da Graca Pimentel and Cesar Teixeira. Collaborative synchronous video annotation via the watch-and-comment paradigm

Nairon Saraiva Viana and Vicente Ferreira de Lucena Jr. A Software Model Supporting the Management of Home Network Services through the Brazilian iDTV

Short papers:

Jorge Abreu, Pedro Almeida, Vanessa Nobre and Ricardo Pinto. Implementation of social features over regular IPTV STB

Alessandro Basso, Marco Milanesio and Giancarlo Ruffo. Events Discovery for Personal Video Recorders

Christoph Brachmann and Rainer Malaka. Keyframe-less Integration of Semantic Information in a Video Player Interface

Stefan Dietze and John Domingue. Towards Context-aware Multimedia Processing through Semantic Web Services

Gorka Epelde, Eduardo Carrasco, Gottfried Zimmermann, Juergen Bund, Markus Dubielzig and Jan Alexandersson. URC Based Accessible TV

Orlewilson B. Maia and Vicente Ferreira de Lucena Jr. A Communication Infrastructure between the Brazilian Interactive Digital TV and Residential Devices

Gaetanino Paolone and Eliseo Clementini. A Security Component for Delivery to Mobile Phones and Digital Television

Janez Zaletelj, Mladen Savic and Marko Meza. Real-time Viewer Feedback in the iTV production

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