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By airplane

Brussels National Airport → (Zaventem), is located between Brussels and Leuven.

From Brussels National Airport to Leuven

By train. Travelling time: 20-25 minutes

There is a railway station at Brussels National Airport (Brussel-Nat-Luchthaven [B]). There is a direct train from the airport to the Leuven railway station (Leuven [B]).

The ride takes approximately 20 min. During the day, the train rides approx. every 20/30 minutes.

For exact time schedules see NMBS, Belgian Railways →

By bus. Travelling time: 40-50 minutes

There is a bus station at Brussels National Airport (Zaventem). Busses with number 651 or 652 ride to Leuven (railway station). The ride takes approximately 40 min.

By taxi. Travelling time: 40-50 minutes

To get to the Leuven you can take a Taxi (approx. 20 km), which will cost you approximately 60 EUR.

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By car

  • Drivers from member states of the European Union need a valid national driving licence - an international driving licence is not mandatory.
  • The maximum speed limits in Belgium are (- if not otherwise indicated on road signs):
    • 120km/h on motor-ways
    • 90km/h on expressways
    • 70km/h on country roads
    • 50km/h in town between the local road signs
    • 30km/h in the proximity of schools
  • Leuven has a very strict parking policy. In the city centre most parking zones are chargeable. Parking just outside the city centre is limited to 2 hours, with a parking disc. The police is very strict and controls the parking tickets or the parking discs regularly.
  • Avoid drinking and driving in Belgium: the permissible alcohol limit is 0.5 promille!
  • Wearing seatbelts is mandatory
  • It is required to carry a fluorescent security vest in the car
  • It is not allowed to use your mobile in car without any hands free set.

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