Location - conference headquarter

Centrum voor User Experience Onderzoek (CUO)
Mediacentrum - K.U.Leuven
Parkstraat 45 bus 3605
B-3000 Leuven

Conference locations

Detailed versions of the maps will be included in the conference programme booklet.

The registration desk is located on the main conference location at the Faculty of Social Sciences in the Parkstraat (B on the map below). See also the more detailed map of the main conference location.

overview plan of Leuven

Hogeheuvelcollege - Naamsestraat 69

The workshops, tutorials and doctoral consortium will take place on Wednesday 3rd June at the Hogeheuvelcollege.

overview plan of Hogeheuvelcollege, Naamsestraat 69

Faculty of Social sciences - Parkstraat 45

The main conference will take place on Thursday 4th & Friday 5th June at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

overview plan of Leuven, Parkstraat 45

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